Saturday, September 30, 2017

The GAP Community Monthly Meeting  October 3, 2017

THE GAP: More Than a Neighborhood…“It’s Home!”

You are cordially invited to join us after our abbreviated meeting for a special event, as GAPCO presents a panel discussion on “The History of The GAP Neighborhood.

The GAP is “Home” to hundreds of neighbors who might not be familiar with the rich history and legacy of this shining gem, nestled next to the southern shore of Lake Michigan. We have empaneled experts and life-long residents to share their knowledge about The GAP, and explain why it is such a special place to call “Home”.

The GAP is neighborly, welcoming, and we care about each other. We embrace the diversity of our residents. We stand together, as a community. 

Meeting Agenda

Annual Hat, Glove, Scarf Drive

       History of The Gap

Speak Up & Speak Out


Saturday, September 02, 2017

The GAP Community Monthly Meeting  September 5, 2017

The GAP Community Monthly Meeting  September 5, 2017


1. Introduction New Area Representatives 

2.  Update on Baptist Church (Gospel Museum )

3. CDOT Update on New Cut at 
 34th Place and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Dr.

4. Updated on Construction Projects
3100 Prairie (old prairie liquor site), 3102 and 3108 S. Giles 

5. Globe Glass site (3300 from Prairie to Giles) 

Illinois College Of Optometry 
Enter on Indiana 
3240 S. Indiana Room 1200
Chicago, IL 50516

Saturday, March 04, 2017

The GAP Community Monthly Meeting March 2017

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Illinois College of Optometry

3240 South Indiana Ave Chicago, Illinois

Your view counts!
We are in the
community together!


Pilgrim Baptist Church (No Update)

Updated on Construction Projects

Ø Lake Meadow Development Update

Presentation by By Draper and Kramer


Update on new cut at 34th Place and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Dr.

Ø Updated on 3100 between Prairie and Giles

Construction Projects

Status of our community in February

Moving forward working together